Vacations Beyond – as the name suggests – takes you on vacations to places which are “beyond” you. These “beyond” places – away from your country – are those you always want to go. Vacations Beyond belongs to the family of Apass India – the parent company, which has been into resort and responsible tour and travel business for a decade now.

With more and more people looking forward to visit different places around the world, we decided to step up our involvement. But we do it in our distinct way. We adhere to our motto – personalized and customized services.

Looking into arranging your vacations beyond your imaginations is a team of dedicated people whom we have picked up from different walks of life, and not just travel field.

We at Vacations Beyond believe all people have different tastes of travel and want their vacations to be arranged their own way. We also understand costs have to be kept within limits. But we know packing all sorts of people with varied interests together in one group just for cost cutting ruins the mood of all and spoils vacations.

Considering vacation aspirations of our guests, we have on offer customized and personalized tours to different parts of the world under four budget heads – “Backpackers Budget”, “Middle of the Road (or Flashpackers) Budget”, “Premium Budget”and “Luxury Budget”.

Transparency is the key to confidence building. We have made transparency our central focus in all our ventures – be it resort or travel business; sometimes even at the cost of losing a few probable guests. But we take pride in saying whoever come with us stick with us forever. We would continue to follow this policy with Vacations Beyond.

We have given suggested itineraries for each country and continent we are going offer tours to. But we encourage our guests to go beyond these and make their own itineraries. Let us know those and we will organize the tours, preferably within your budget too. If you need certain inputs for making your own itineraries, feel free to ask us.

Everything is planned for you – right from tour and travel arrangements to your safety and security. The only thing left to you is enjoyment – enjoy your time, form camaraderie with others and keep coming back to us for program after program!!

We are always in touch with you all through the tour. You never feel ignored. Our efforts are to ensure you have a feeling you are holidaying with a group of old buddies.

We will keep on increasing destinations over a period of time.

Happy travels!

Vacations Beyond Team


Vacations Beyond