Vacations Beyond – as the name suggests – takes you on vacations to places which are “beyond” you. These “beyond” places – away from your country – are those you always long to go. Vacations Beyond belongs to the family of Apass India Leisure Solutions Pvt Ltd – the parent company, which has ventures in hotels and resorts – Estuarine Village Resort ( and Cherry Hotels and Resorts ( – and a responsible tour and travel division – Excursion2India (, dealing with domestic and inbound tourism organizing tour packages in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

With more and more people traveling now from different parts of the world to various other parts of the world, we decided to step up our involvement. Vacations Beyond is an effort to arrange travel and leisure imaginations of our guests. Making this possible is a team of dedicated people based not just in India, but also in other parts of the world; be it China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bali, Mauritius, Seychelles, South Africa, Australia or European countries like England and France.

We organize group tours on regular basis but at Vacations Beyond we also believe all people have different tastes of travel and want their vacations to be arranged their own ways. We  understand costs have to be kept within limits. But packing all sorts of people with varied interests together in one group just for cost cutting may dampens mood and, at times, may potentially even spoil vacations. Taking this into account, Vacations Beyond has come up with the solution. We can organize same tour packages in different budgets – depending on what our guests are willing to spend. We arrange luxury and premium tours, and at the same time we also arrange deluxe and standard tours, where quality but modestly priced hotels are used.

Whatever we do and offer, we adhere to transparency every time and any time you interact with us. Transparency is the central focus we have adopted in all our ventures – be it hotel and resort division or travel one. Transparency has at times cost us a few businesses but we take pride in our honesty towards our guests . We stick to whatever we promise to deliver.

We have mentioned some tour packages to different countries on this website. These are more suggestive than rigid. Vacations Beyond encourages guests to customize these suggested tour packages or even come up with their own. Sample tour programs mentioned here are merely indicative of the geographies we operate in. Vacations Beyond will be glad to share inputs if you want those to help you create customized tour programs for yourself. Feel free to ask us for a budget or alternatively, share with us a cost you are comfortable with sparing for your chosen tour program.

Vacations Beyond takes care of all your travel hassles. What is left to you is enjoyment; have a gala of time with your friends, relatives or even solo. We are always in touch with you all throughout the tour vis Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger or some other mutually agreed mode. We never let you feel ignored.

It remains our constant endeavour to keep on adding new destinations and new experiences from time to time.

Treat yourself to an exciting trip with Vacations Beyond !


Vacations Beyond