Location: Italy is located in southern Europe. It is a peninsula extending into the Central Mediterranean Sea. Italy has borders with France in the west, Switzerland and Austria in the north, and Slovenia in the east. The country also shares a border with two tiny independent states, San Marino and the Vatican. Both these tiny nations are entirely surrounded by Italian territory.

Climate: The climate varies considerably from the north to the south of Italy even though most of Italy has a Mediterranean type of climate – cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. In North Italy – the area between the Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines – the climate is harsh, with very cold winters and very hot and humid summers.
In southern Italy and the islands winters are never particularly harsh. Spring and autumn temperatures often reach 32° C or higher, something similar to those reached in the summer in other areas of Italy.

Cuisine: Italian cuisine has developed through centuries of social and political changes. Significant changes occurred and potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and maize were introduced in 18th Century. These are now central to the cuisine.
Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only four to eight ingredients. Chefs rely mainly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation. However, you can note regional diversity in Italian cuisines. Despite the diversities, one can observe cheese and wine being major parts of most of the cuisines, albeit with several variations. Coffee has also emerged as an important part of Italian cuisine.
In North Italy fish, sausages and pork are quite commonly used. Pasta dishes with use of tomato are spread in all Italy. Other than pasta, spaghetti and pizza have become popular world over.

Currency: The currency used in Italy is Euro.
1 Euro = Rs75.73
1 Euro = $1.13

Things to Do: Italy has been the place where Renaissance started. Renaissance period cathedrals and churches are all over Italy to see. There are famous works of the renowned painters and sculptures. Museums and art galleries have some of the rarest and best collections. There is Venice with its romantic waterways waiting to charm anyone visiting Italy. Vatican City, technically an independent nation, is also something which needs to be explored.

Visa: Documents required for a Tourist Visa are:
1. Application form fully completed and signed by applicant.
2. Two recent passport-size Photographs of size 3.5 *3.5 cms (white background)
3. Passport/Travel Document must:
a) Have been issued within the previous 10 years, and the validity must not exceed 10 years
b) At least have a validity of 3 months after intended stay
c) Have at least 2 face to face blank pages (mandatory).
d) Be machine readable without observations.
4. One set photocopy of applicant’s Passport and all previous Schengen, UK & US Visas. And a covering letter from the applicant.
5. Overseas medical insurance with minimum coverage of Euro 30,000, for emergency hospital and
repatriation expenses.
6. Travel itinerary with travel dates, including return flight reservation or bookings. (Please mention
if any other country/countries are to be covered during the entire trip).
7. Proof of social or professional status (for example cover letter detailing purpose of trip or leave authorization from the employer of the applicant.)
8. Proof of adequate financial means of the applicant:
a) Salary slips/certificates of the last three months and Form F16
b) Status of personal bank account for the last three months.
Additional suggested documents, if available
c) Income tax challans (last three years) and Form 16
d) Foreign exchange endorsement on the passport and receipt
e) Credit card copy with statement of credit limit.
9. Proof of Accommodation:
a) Confirmed hotel bookings. OR
b) Invitation letter from the sponsor in Italy (“Lettera di Invito”, see attached form).
Please Note: The letter of invitation must be accompanied by photocopy of the pages of his/her picture id containing relevant data, signature and validity of document

Flights: Major Indian cities are connected to important cities of Italy by flights through Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other European cities like Amsterdam, Moscow and Zurich.


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