I know the persons involved with Vacations Beyond. They are into resort and travel business for long now. I have stayed at their resorts. And, they have organized my and my friends' tour programs to India many times. They were exemplary in their care and respect for us. Their meticulous focus on our liking and disliking were just amazing. They may sound relatively new in terms of organizing tours to foreign locations. But they have been doing this also for quite some time now. They did organize our trips to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam and Cambodia. Vacations Beyond is just the new name for the platform for organizing foreign tours. I wish them best of luck for this venture called Vacations Beyond. I am sure they would continue to uphold the same kind of professionalism and dynamism they have displayed so far in their other ventures. Sinikka Vivio, Gottenberg, Sweden
It was a wonderful tour organized for me by the founders of Vacations Beyond. I loved the terrains of Darjeeling and Gangtok; you get soaked in there, the simplicity and culture of the place is just awesome. Trip to tea garden was a nice one in Darjeeling. I also thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park and was lucky enough to see two Red Pandas when I was on my way to Lepchajagat. Joy Ride on the Toy train was remarkable. Walks on the MG Road in Gangtok in the mornings and the evenings were something I really enjoyed ………….. Edith Humble, Stockholm