You are planning a tour to some foreign countries but are not sure where to go. It is quite possible you are sure about a destination country but not sure about the cities or towns or specific places you want to visit. We understand this. We do not want you to end up in a place you would not have ideally visited. This happens quite often with people visiting countries they have never visited before.

We have given some suggested itineraries for each country we are offering tours to. You can surely choose one of these for your vacation. But please do not find yourself bounded by these alone. Feel free to plan and make your own itinerary. In doing so, you can rely on the information about various places provided by us on our website, or you can also do your own research. But make sure not to get too much swayed by other itineraries displayed on several travel websites. Listen only to your heart and make your own itinerary.

We want to lend a helping hand in planning your own tour. We have a Questionnaire (mentioned below) for you to answer. Send us answers to the following questions point by point. This is to understand your choices as a tourist and your preferences for vacations. Based on your responses we will suggest one or more itineraries for you with likely costs. You are free to chop and make changes in those. For doing so also you can have more and more discussions with us. You can finally have an itinerary you want for your vacation.


1) Which Country/Countries do you want to visit?

2) Which are the places (cities/towns) do you want to visit on your tour?

3) How do you like traveling?
1) Solo 2) Twosome 3) In a group of 3-6 persons 4) In a
group of 6 persons or more

4) With whom do you love traveling?
1) As couple 2) Family 3) With friends 4) With like-
minded people, may be hitherto unknown

5) How would love to spend your free time?
1) Just relaxing in the resort or hotel 2) Trying to
explore the place by walking down the streets 3) In
shopping malls 4) Trying out local cuisine

6) What is your interest area?
1) Beaches 2) Hills 3) Beaches & Hills 4) Islands
5) Wildlife 6) Culture – temples, churches, mosques,
music, dance, lifestyle, films, languages, religion etc
7) Architectural Monuments – Forts and Palaces,
Religious Architecture, Caves 8) Deserts 9) Shopping
10) Tribal Areas 11) Culinary tours 12) A combination of
these 13) Others

7) If you have to choose only one among the following which one would you prefer?
1) Beaches and Islands 2) Forests and Wildlife 3) Hills
and Mountains 4) Rural Landscape

8) What attracts you the most?
1) Discover a new city 2) Spend time in a naturally
breathtaking place 3) Adventure activities
4) Amusement – in the form of amusement parks, films,
theaters, concerts, or pubs and discos

9) What do you generally look for when in a city?
1) Historical /architecture 2) Shopping 3) Cuisine
4) Nightlife 5) Other amusements

10) What is the duration of your tour you want to keep?
1) 3nights/4days 2)4nights/5days 3) 5nights/6days
4)6nights/7days 5)7nights/8days 6)8nights/9days
7)9nights/10days 8)10 nights/11 days 9)11nights/12 days
10)12nights/13days 11) 15nights or more

11) Where would you love to stay in a new place?
1) Expensive Hotels 2) Medium Budget Hotels 3) Resorts
4) Guest Houses 5) Serviced Apartments 6) Homestays

12) How would you like to generally spend your time in the room?

1) Watching Television 2) Working on Internet using Wi-Fi
3) Gossiping among yourselves 4) Reading Books 5) Just
lazing around

13) What kind of food you would look for while on a foreign tour?

1) Your own style food 2) Any local cuisine 3) Anything new
4) South Indian food 5) Punjabi style food 6) Anything will

14) If you have some extra time left during your tour program what kind of place would like to visit in that?

1) Some monuments or historical sites 2) Museums 3)Religious
Places 4) Malls 5) Among the Nature

15) What is the mode of transportation would you like to use in the visiting country for long distance journeys (more than 6 hours)?

1) Flights (if available) 2) Trains (if available) 3) Public
Transport (if available) 4) Hired cabs

16) Do you want to hire the services of a local guide or tour escort (who will be with you for entire tour?

1) Local guides everywhere 2) Local guides only at monuments
3) Tour Escort for the entire trip 4) No guides or tour
escorts required at all
Please note: – At some monuments or wildlife sanctuaries local guides may be mandatory.

17) What is the budget head do you want to categorize your tour program into?

1) Backpackers Budget 2) Flashpackers (Middle of the road)
Budget 3) Premium Budget 4) Luxury Budget

Please send us your answers to the questionnaire at or One of our representatives will get in touch with you to help you make your own itinerary.